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We offer more than 40 years of experience and success in the development and manufacturing of chemistries used in both the industrial and agricultural fields. 9 Dot Solutions provides consulting, development and manufacturing services to customers worldwide.

As a chemical innovator, in 1972 David Crosley introduced a chemical breakthrough in the process paint stripping industry by integrating polymers into the technology. This innovation exponentially improved results in multiple industrial applications. The basis of this chemistry with improvements is still in use today.

In the early 2000’s, David and his company’s chemists at Challenge Inc. developed new and cost

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effective chemistries for footbathing. Using a patented formula, Challenge was at the forefront again in developing formulary that proved effective in reducing infectious hoof diseases and reducing hazardous chemicals often used in the dairy industry.

Today, David and his staff continue to innovate with products that now work across multiple species of animals. More advanced footbathing chemistry called Copper Advantage, has been proven to work on cattle, sheep and goats.

9 Dot continues to expand the product offerings with individual care product that are effective at killing fungal and bacterial infestations in horses, pigs, sheep, goats and cows. Our research and trials have proven that our Spot Treat product will kill bacteria and fungus associated with hoof and tissue infestations such as ring worm, foot rot, scald, thrush and digital dermatitis to mention a few.

Our latest innovations are focused on the poultry industry with Litter Lock. Litter lock controls ammonia odor in poultry litter and egg operations. Litter lock improves the nutrient value of poultry waste.

Our Copper Advantage products are available through our distributor network. Contact us to find your closest distribution center. Our Spot Treat products can be found through distributors and directly on Amazon, search for Spot Treat. Need something now? Contact Greg Cowles at 419-469-5530.

Located in Central Indiana, we can be reached by phone or email.  Feel free to contact David our lead consultant and together determine if 9 Dot Solutions can help with your project.